As a highly successful business leader, dynamic international speaker, best-selling author, and consultant, Tom Watson has dedicated his life to inspiring people to have more fun while striving for excellence in their personal and professional lives.

As a business leader, Tom has built a variety of enterprises, including Recreation Excellence, a highly successful recreation services and facility management company in western Canada. In all of Tom’s business ventures, the key ingredient to his success is FUN. He is committed to empowering people to achieve balanced success by working hard and having a whole lot of fun along with way.

Tom attributes much of his personal and professional success to the lessons he learned through sport. Starting as a multi-discipline athlete with a highly competitive spirit, his passion for sport led to a successful amateur coaching career, in football, basketball, volleyball and hockey. He has worked with elite teams, such as the Vancouver Canucks and the British Columbia Lions in hosting pre-season training camps and championship games, as well as organized and hosted many provincial, national and international events in curling, hockey, volleyball, swimming and lacrosse.

Tom is also an active member of many philanthropic and services organizations and serves as a board member and team leader for several of them. His commitment to helping people live a better life has led to:

·      helping governments in Zambia, Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda establish sport and recreation systems and networks

·      joining with his employees to fundraise and finance the construction of 56 homes in Zambia

·      helping sponsor well-digging projects in Kenya

·      sending more than 5,000 pairs of eyeglasses to Haiti

The success of his book Man Shoes has made Tom a best-selling author. Man Shoes explores Tom’s rich life – brimming with experiences of love, tempered by heartache and loss, cemented by traditions and enriched with laughter and shared stories.

Of course, fun is not the only factor in the formula for building Your Better Life. You have to work hard, be willing to give far more than you receive, and you must honor your faith with commitment while building a strong support network to back you when the going gets tough.

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