The Inspiring, true story of one man's journey through loss and love, told with humor and heroism. A survivor of child abuse, upheaval and 13 foster homes, Tom Watson learned at an early age to overcome adversity. Rescued at the age of five by the Watson family, he found new hope and love that helped to heal his deep physical and emotional wounds. Encouraged by a community of supporters, Tom learned vital lessons in patience, perseverance, laughter and tradition. Years later, these lessons would be put to the ultimate test as Tom faced heartbreaking losses that threatened to destroy him. A stunning revelation of one man's determination to live life to its fullest, Man Shoes demonstrates that new beginnings are possible at any age and at any stage of life, no matter what obstacles get in the way. This story is an important reminder that we can live a better life and influence others to do the same!

A must read for men of all ages, and for the women who love them.


Discover the Practical and Sustainable Secrets to Becoming a Better Man!

Becoming a great man, husband, and father doesn't just happen by chance. As Tom Watson describes in his compelling and exceptionally readable life story, the journey toward self betterment takes strength, a positive attitude, and courage to face life's challenges. Man Shoes opens at the bedside of a confused and frightened five-year-old boy who has endured abuse, neglect, and a string of foster homes. From this vulnerable point of salvation and hope, Tom's heartwarming story moves forward into his life, revisiting the key defining moments that have shaped him into the successful husband, father and business leader that he is today. As each engaging chapter unfolds, Tom shares essential lessons that have made him become a better man, a better husband, and a better father while revealing his secrets to attaining real happiness on one's own terms.

How would you define happiness?

Life can be difficult sometimes, but our lives have purpose - don’t give up! Your life matters!
— Tom Watson

Tom Watson understands that each person is different and holds different views of happiness and success. By sharing his personal journey with readers, Tom offers simple, proven strategies for analyzing your life to shape your own definition of happiness. A wonderful read for both men and women, Man Shoes will help you see your own life more clearly. Tom's story will help you celebrate your victories, accept your mistakes and move forward positively into the future.

Tom also shows his readers that you don't have to choose success in business over success at home. In each chapter and story, he illustrates his three key secrets to becoming a better man, husband and father:

Establish sustainable traditions - focus on celebrating life's small victories in a sustainable fashion, and repeat the celebration every time the occasion arises.

Put your spouse first and your children second - This might seem contrary to the way many people think, but as Tom explains in Man Shoes, with numerous challenges facing relationships today people often lose sight of the fact that husbands and wives are a team. By staying strong as a couple, you can build a more stable foundation for your children.

Don't Blink! - Remember as a teenager you thought being 30 was old? Once you hit 30, you realize how quickly time has passed, and before you know it even more years fly by. Life is short, so treasure the moments.

Traditions - It's Never Too Late To Start A Fresh Page In Your Life...

In Man Shoes, Tom stresses the importance of traditions in helping to bring a positive perspective to challenging times and turn good times into great memories. He discusses, for example, the Top 10 ways that a man can strengthen his role in the family and society through traditions, including:

  • Tell stories or read to your children at bedtime every night
  • Find an event like the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards or a special TV show to watch regularly with your family and friends
  • Find ways to celebrate the small victories
  • Use positive language to communicate with your children
  • Provide your children with alternate mentors in your community
  • Have fun with holiday icons like Santa and the Easter Bunny
  • Write regularly in a journal describing your children's life journey
  • Engage in the "3 Ps" -- Positively Participate in Pregnancy
  • Develop an intentional living document
  • Make all traditions sustainable

Find out how and why Tom shot Santa. Learn how he overcame depression and thoughts of suicide following the loss of a loved one. Discover Tom's unique parenting strategies through his analogies with sports psychology. Read Man Shoes and learn how you can make a difference today in shaping a brighter future for tomorrow, and in the process become a better man, husband, and father.

Your Journey to Becoming A Better Man, Husband & Father Starts Here!

Praise For Man Shoes...

When it’s all said and done at the end of our life, in reality, it is family that is the most important; other accomplishments pale against the success a man has with his family. Man Shoes by Tom Watson is a must read when you’re looking for inspiration to overcome some of life’s biggest struggles – you won’t be able to put this book down.
— Dr. Peter Legge, Author, Canada's Most Awarded Professional Speaker, Businessman
Tom Watson’s rebound capacity is unparalleled. Man Shoes gives men at any stage of the game full court vision for success.
— Pat Williams, Senior Vice-President, Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association (NBA)
Tom Watson’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity and choosing optimism over negativity when life throws you the tough challenges is told with honesty and humility. I learned early on to never give up on my dreams and that anything is possible; Man Shoes resonates with that belief from the first page.
— Rick Hansen, President & CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation
One way God’s healing and redemption occur is when His faithful servants bravely allow the suffering they’ve been through to be used for the good of others; Tom Watson offers restoration and hope to all in Man Shoes, a moving account of faith, perseverance, and love.
— Paul Brandt, Country Singer/Songwriter 5X CCMA Artist of the Year