Canadian born, Debra has lived in the United Kingdom for most of her adult life.  Through the past 28 years, she has moved from temporary secretarial support to software training before building a successful career as a project manager.  Working for global blue chip companies including Glaxo Smithkline, Syngenta and Thomson Reuters, Debra has a wealth of experience of different companies and project types. Learning about different industries and companies with each role has proved key to her enjoyment and development.

As Director at Bridge Road Consultants, she is now providing her expertise to small & medium businesses, helping them gain clarity about what they need to do next and supporting them in as needed. In addition, she acts as sounding board to Founders/Directors who want an independent view that isn’t available within their organisation.  Her approach at Bridge Road Consultants is a departure from how she’s worked for most of her career as she takes more of an entrepreneurial approach to her life which is both exciting and frightening!  

In addition, she has started exploring her creative side and is also starting to transform her digital artwork into actual products. Learning how to develop this side, understanding the wealth of opportunities, the competition and determining where to focus her attentions is an amazing change of direction for her on both a personal and business level.

Between the work on Bridge Road and her design endeavour, DebEl Designs, Debra finds that she is challenging herself from many different angles – time management, skill sets, technology and so much more.  
In her personal life, Debra has had the normal ups and downs that we all do.  Most recently, she has discovered that she is more of an “outdoors” person than she ever expected with horses and dogs playing an ever more important role in her life.  

She brings experience of life and business to Your Better Life at an exciting and challenging time in her own life.

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