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Dan Lier  is a best-selling author and internationally recognized motivational speaker. With over two decades of experience presenting motivational keynotes for corporate events, Dan is the most requested speaker in Las Vegas. Over the past two years alone, Dan has spoken in more than 30 countries, sharing his proven strategies to “Maximize Your True Potential.”

Dan is the host of his own TV show “Your True Potential,” and was a regular on HSN as America’s Coach where he shared his “Strategies for Success” with millions. Dan’s work has been covered by The Today Show and Inside Edition, along with being a guest on the Howard Stern show and The O’Reilly Factor. A former international speaker and top performer for Tony Robbins’ – Dan’s high-impact message and charismatic delivery style will connect with your audience, and provide them with inspiration along with proven strategies for achievement.

In Dan’s early career, he earned the ranks of the #1 sales performer in the country, and won back-to-back national titles as a college basketball player. He knows what it takes to win.

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