Value Effort, Not Talent.


Talent is sexy.
Our society adores it.
Teachers praise the brightest.
Scouts and agents flock to the naturals.
Parents celebrate the slightest hint of “giftedness” in their kids.
This romanticism over raw talent comes with serious consequences though. It sends a message that some people are “have’s”, and some are “have nots”, and if you’re in the latter category, why even try?
And sadly, we often stop trying. So do our kids.
If it’s difficult, don’t do it, becomes the message.
For those stubborn few that say “%#@* it, I’m all in”, and ignore a perceived talent deficit, they can close the gap. Effort is the greatest equalizer ever. Effort… sustained effort, develops skill, and skill is much different than talent.
Talent you are born with. But skill is the result of countless hours of work you relentlessly dedicate to your craft. Only the relentless develop Mastery.
With Mastery comes mental toughness. There are obstacles, and setbacks and failure on the road to Mastery.  You will fight and persevere and overcome. The more battles along the way, the more prepared you are to win the war. 
The Naturals don't have this edge. They aren't as battle tested. Things came easier. 
You can see it in the NHL playoffs this year. The top 4 teams are out. Most hockey pundits would agree those top 4 teams were the most talented. But the more relentless teams won the war. They were better equipped to handle the adversity.

Conor McGregor once said: “There’s no talent here.  This is hard work.  This is an obsession.  You can be anyone if you put in the time.”
Love him or hate him, here is one of the best MMA fighters in the sport telling us he’s the byproduct of effort.
I love his last sentence. I can’t believe I agree with something Conor McGregor has to say.
Greatness is not the destiny of the most talented… it is often the legacy of the most relentless.
It’s time to stop making talent excuses and start making a commitment to effort.
Have a mission. Get gritty. Be relentless.
Build your legacy,

Jason Podollan