Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign

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If you’re like me, you look for signs everywhere! I remember when I was a little girl I would play a game with myself and with my friends too. It went something like this… “If I hopscotch and land on the number 3, it means that I’ll have a sleepover this weekend!” Or, “If I close my eyes and see the color red, then he will write me a love note!” 

I think the best one by far was when I thought I could “download” the power of Hercules (remember that cartoon?!) by using a coin machine ring (which was a sign! LOL) pointing it up to the sky, and screaming out loud, “I have the power!!” I remember waiting for something magical to happen, and it never did, but it didn’t stop me from feeling in my heart and soul that I, indeed, had the power. 

Hee, hee…just thinking about these “if, then” games makes me giggle now, yet the excitement of “if, then” is still very much alive in me and helps me remain in a state of both excitement and hope. Maybe it is alive for you too?

What do those signs look and feel like for you today? 

In my talks and workshops, I’ll remind my participants that we are emotional bodies, which means that we get information from the world around us all the time that createa an impulse in us–a thought, a feeling, or a response (internal or external). These impulses happen thousands of times a day, and many of them we are unaware of! Imagine what we can do with that information if we were paying more attention? Imagine if we created more space for that information to serve us more strategically? 

You may be asking, what does positive information look like and how can I use it strategically? Good question! Let me use myself as an example. A few years back I suddenly got an idea (this happens quite a bit!) for a program I wanted to launch. I knew it was a “good” idea because through practicing awareness I have been able to determine which “butterflies in my tummy” are good ones, and which ones are bad. The good feeling told me that I should take the next small step and then wait for the next sign. The next few steps and the information I received would be crucial, because in order for this idea to work I would need to launch it in 5 days! So, I took the next small step, and if what needed to move or open up did, then I would take the next step, and the next one, and before you know it, the program was launched. 

It wasn’t easy by any means. It required a lot of people, moving parts, fast action, and it came with stress, of course, but those “positive butterfly feelings” in my tummy (among other signs) were there every step of the way, and the resources I needed showed up in a very timely manner. 

I also remember a time in my life when I felt the “bad butterfly feelings”. I knew, in that moment, that something bad was going to happen. I have to say that this impulse was one of the strongest I felt in my lifetime. What happened soon thereafter…a very scary car accident. That feeling that I felt that day is a sign that warns me to “not take action and walk away.” I listen. When I don’t, I learn. 

Speaking of butterflies, what would you do if you were ready to step into transformation in your life and you saw a beautiful butterfly right in that moment that you needed to make that decision…take scary, but exciting action? Would you leap?

Well, this is a true story for one of my newest Fire & Flow Circle Life Mastery program members. These stories keep me smiling, and keep me very much connected to my purpose of helping to create conscious life leadership that leads to power transformations. 

Are you ready lead your life more powerfully and create positive transformations in all areas of your life and career? If you’re inner cheerleader jumped up and down, or if you just got some nice and juicy butterflies in your belly, I’d love for you to schedule a quick call with me to learn about my Fire & Flow Circle for women professionals. It launches very soon, and I only have a few spots left! You can get on my calendar, here. 

Go forth and spread your wings! Fly, fly, fly!


Monique Catoggio