Once upon a Time! (A Legendary True Story)


Not too long ago, I had a dream. This was months after a long relationship ended with a parting of the ways and I found myself once again open to developing a new relationship. Not something that happens right away for sure.

Then, one night, I had a vivid dream. In this dream, I was with a lovely lady and she was laughing joyously as we travelled together. We were very happy and comfortable with each other, of that there is no doubt. This also happened just after a serendipitous meeting with Tom and Kathy Watson over dinner.

Near the same time, two months ago or so, I attended a poetry reading and one of the female poets read her poem with an Irish lilt. I could not stop weeping. What a surprise as I have no Irish relative in my immediate family. Was I remembering a past life Soul Mate?

In my first blog, I spoke of being Naturally Connected. This Legendary Story begins as my first blog ends.

The Lords of the Universe, who are guiding and helping me, made it known that three women would come before me and that I would have to choose.

As I look back, I realize they have been helping and guiding me for a long time. The first woman was sitting with her companion over dinner and we had been in conversation earlier. As they were leaving, I stood up to shake hands and bid goodnight. Right out of the blue, she came and gave me a huge hug. The big takeaway from this surprise was the electric, tingly jolt I got from her hug.

The second woman to come before me was completely out of the blue. As I was standing in a dance hall contemplating ordering a drink, a lithe woman in a tasteful form-fitting evening gown came from behind and folded her form into my side. In the blink of an eye, we both wrapped our free arm into the other’s waist and began to have a conversation while holding each other close. The wow factor was huge. We enjoyed a quick dance and she went back to her wedding party. The big takeaway? Her impish nose - very cute !!

The third woman is happening as I write this story. The most amazing thing is that we recognized a familiarity from the moment we first met, and it is increasingly apparent that the myriad ways we already know each other will take a long time to discover. We both know, that we know and are comfortable with each other and are also aware that we don’t have to say so. The only way this can happen naturally and to the depth and extent it has is that we are past life Soul Mates.

By the way, her spontaneous, and bubbly laughter is the same as my dream, so is her shorter hairstyle, and so is her dance style.

The point I would like to emphasize is that we are all connected to so much more if we just choose to listen to our heart and intuition. As human beings, we have been taught and conditioned by peer pressures and status quos, to such a degree that we all feel we know who we are. We also feel we are where we are supposed to be and are doing what we are supposed to do. We are flooded with media and events and activities and families and friends, and Liking and Following. In fact, often everybody except Liking and Following who, we are.

I advocate that first, we need to be happy with ourselves. Then, we can have quiet moments to listen to our hearts. Guidance will come from within and happiness and contentment will grow and flourish and problems become smaller.

Through the Awesome Platform of “Your Better Life” that Tom and Kathy provide, I hope to provide encouraging content that will add to a Community of Understanding in the context of all the other content

In fact, I am planning my next blog to be titled just that. A “Community of Understanding”.


Gerald Austin