Here Are 10 Things That Don't Require Any Special Talent or Skill...

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It’s hard to build a rocking great, inspiring, fun workplace culture if you don’t have colleagues who “play nice.” I often write about the need for everyone to be a “good neighbor” with their coworkers at work, and so much of that starts with just being considerate, thinking about your attitude, and practicing simple workplace behaviors that demonstrate respect and build trust and collegiality.

To remind people of the need to play nice and be a good neighbor and supportive co-worker, why not create a giant-sized customized list of the “Top-10 Things That Don’t Require Any Talent Or Special Skills.” Most of you have probably seen this list pop up on your social media feeds – and whether you write it on a flip chart, create giant posters, or write it on your lunch room whiteboard – share the list or display it in a prominent place as a constant reminder to everyone.

But the key to really making this effective is to customize it – come up with your very own list of very specific behaviors that apply specifically to your industry, company or workplace. Or heck, why not do this with your family as a family exercise? As a starting point, here is the generic list that makes the rounds on social media:

The Top-10 Things That Don’t Require Any Special Talent

1. Being on time

2. Work ethic

3. Energy

4. Effort

5. Body language

6. Passion

7. Doing extra

8. Being prepared

9. Being coachable

10. Attitude

So…what’s missing? What would you add? How would you and your team tailor it to make it more meaningful for your workplace, family or your children?

Michael Kerr