Healing Ourselves Through Awareness and Faith

There is always an aspect of ourselves or our lives that needs healing, isn't there? Depending upon how aware we are of what needs to be healed, we can catch these "hurts" when they are like tiny scratches that just need a little bandaid and a kiss from Mommy! However, without that awareness, these issues-- perhaps those we are tucking under a pillow and ignoring-- may require a lot more mending later on. In fact, they can become large wounds that prevent us from moving forward in our lives, careers, or within important relationships. 

How aware are you of what needs healing in your life? What signals are you not seeing? As mindful individuals we can lead our lives more powerfully by checking in with ourselves often to identify what we can begin to heal NOW, with just a small bandage and a kiss, rather than waiting until the healing becomes outright painful and takes up more of our time and energy. 

Creating space for this awareness to happen can be as easy as developing an evening or morning (or maybe weekly!) habit of answering these questions:

  • How did my day/week go?
  • What feeling summarized it?
  • What brought me joy?
  • What brought me sadness?
  • What about my day/week may need healing, and how can I begin to heal right now?

Sometimes, the acknowledgment that there is something to heal is all the healing we need! 

The point of this check-in is to create awareness and to be in tune with our "emotional body". 

Learn to keep your answers short and sweet and trust what your "gut" is telling you. Don't over think the process. 

Some days/weeks you may have no answers--nothing to heal. Honor that too!

So, is healing always this "easy"? HECK NO! Life is school, and in school there are always lessons, tests, and failures! Some of them are life-long and seem impossible to heal completely. There is no one way to heal in scenarios like this, and because we are each unique individuals, our solutions will also be unique. 

However, I find solace in what the amazing Mark Nepo says about it:

We often move away from pain, which is helpful only before being hurt. Once in pain, it seems the only way out is through. Like someone falling off a boat, struggling to stay above the water only makes things worse. We must accept we are there and settle enough so we can be carried by the deep. The willingness to do this is the genesis of faith, the giving over to currents larger than us. Even fallen leaves float in lakes, demonstrating how surrender can hold us up. And just as fish can't see the ocean they live in, we can't quite see the spirit that sustains us.

Yes, sometimes we have the power to create the healing, and other times we must surrender it and have faith that it will reveal itself to us. 

It's the dance of life, yes? Sometimes we lead, other times we follow. 

How might being carried by the deep benefit you today? 

May you create healing, and may healing find you.