Creating Your Sacred Summer


Can you believe summer is right around the corner? Inevitably, when I feel summer approaching, my spirit begins to lean toward simplifying things, cleaning and clearing, light-hearted fun, and finding more time to connect with myself.

I read this passage recently that had me dive deep into thinking about sacred spaces, and the many ways they can show up in our lives to support us. Here it is:

"I had discerned something more important than obtaining a future outcome or material gain. I sat inside the space where my interior and exterior met. It was the electric nature of sacred space. My actions had created the space. It did not stem from religious dogma, a Sunday church service, or a New Age bookstore. It blossomed from my intention. It was spectacular."

This passage moved me.

It's not always easy to create this SPACE, where our interiors and exteriors meet, and where we don't have an outcome. That's downright SACRED!

I can say that I have intentionally created this within my Women's Mastermind, as I know how deeply women leaders are craving sacred time, both with themselves and with others who can hold sacred space for them as they grow and transform their lives and careers. It's truly magical.

I also very much create this sacred space within my home through the wisdom and daily practice of Fengshui, and with myself, with my daily morning sacred time.

How do you create Sacred Space?

How might you use the slower summer months to help you find and define that space?

How do you create that space with others in your life?

Are your relationships in need of some Sacred time?

To help you prep for a Sacred Summer, try these easy tips:

S- Set aside the time.

A- Make sure your activities help create awareness for you and use your senses.

C- Use this time to connect with yourself or others important to you.

R- Recognize the benefits of this sacred time. Journal your Aha's!

E- Use tools within your Sacred Time that Energize you, or help to clear your energy and spaces (sage, incense, Reiki music, etc.)

D- Invite the Divine to sit with you in this space. Light a candle and pray or meditate. Think of your loved ones who have passed and feel their presence near you. Invite them to help guide you in your every day life.

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Monique Catoggio, CPC, ACC, EMBA