Capping Off a Brilliant Idea


I love, love, LOVE these types of inspiring stories – stories about positive change based on the simplest ideas.

These stories remind us all never to discount ideas that at first seem overly simplistic…or, even laughably stupid.  And let’s face it: we all do it!  We all prematurely dismiss ideas out of hand -  including our own – and surveys suggest one reason people sometimes dismiss ideas is that on the surface, they at first seemed too simplistic.

So here’s the story…

Dr. Rob Hackett decided to wear his surgical scrub cap with his name and title written on it: Rob…Anesthetist.

His coworkers initially laughed at him, even making snide comments about him not remembering his name. Fast forward a year or so and no one is laughing; in fact, lives are being saved as the idea spread around the globe.

Mobilizing healthcare workers worldwide with the hashtag #TheatreCapChallenge, healthcare workers have now shown that having their names and roles identified on their scrub caps can save vital seconds in life and death situations – reducing delays that occur when people can’t remember the names or roles of their colleagues while performing surgery.

UK studies have shown increased name recall within staff from 42 to 85% and increased name and role introductions during the surgical safety checklist from 38 to 90%. Not only that, the caps reassure patients and help them connect to the staff. And with fewer caps being tossed aside, hospitals are saving thousands of dollars while also being better for the environment.

The initiative grew globally after a challenge was issued for healthcare workers worldwide to post fun photos of themselves wearing their personalized scrub caps.

Of course, I’m not suggesting every idea is a great idea. Still, you need to make sure you’re not missing out on something potentially awesome, just because some people initially dismiss the idea as CRAZY!  As Mark Twain once so aptly put it, “A crank is someone with a new idea – until it catches on!”

Michael Kerr