Love Yourself – Boosting Self-Esteem


Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself as a person. It comes from an inner knowing that you are competent, confident, and worthy of a good life. You gain self-esteem by understanding yourself and the value you have. With a strong sense of self-worth, you recognize that you can accomplish what you desire to do and be, that you can be successful in relationships and that you are happy with who you are.

Assess Your Self-Esteem

Before you can determine what changes to make in your life, it’s a good idea to get a better sense of how you see yourself at this time. Answer each question as honestly as you can. Rate yourself on each question, using the following numbering system:

4 — Almost always

3 — Often

2 — Seldom

1 — Almost never

·      I feel good about my personality.

·      I am pleased with my appearance.

·      I feel confident about my abilities.

·      On the whole, I am satisfied with myself.

·      When I make a mistake, I learn from it and move on.

·      I feel as smart as others.

·      I find it easy to admit when I don’t understand something.

·      I openly express my opinions to others.

·      Overall, I believe I am successful in life.

·      I think about myself with positive and encouraging thoughts.

Scoring: If you scored between 10 and 19 points, your self-esteem is very low, and you don’t respect yourself or have much regard for yourself.

If you scored between 20 and 29 points, you are beginning to feel capable in meeting life’s everyday challenges, but you still hold back, unsure that you can be successful in different aspects of your life.

If you scored between 30 and 40 points, you are well on your way to developing high self-esteem. You feel comfortable with yourself and have confidence in your ability to set and reach goals. You are still growing and can reach an even higher level of self-esteem.

As you close out another year in your life, my hope for many of you is that you can boost your self-esteem as well. Realize that if you don’t love yourself first – you will never truly live an impactful, positive life. Realize that loving yourself is a journey. It’s not as simple as just flipping a switch from dislike to like! It’s a journey, and it’s going to take some help along the way, in many cases, to get you past your insecurities and into the future of liking and eventually loving yourself!

Tom Watson

Tom Watson

Tom Watson, founder of Your Better Life, believes in the possibility of discovering your full potential, which allows you to become truly successful both at work and at home. He also insists on having fun along the way. As a highly successful business leader, dynamic international speaker, best-selling author, and consultant, Tom Watson has dedicated his life to inspiring people to have more fun while striving for excellence in their personal and professional lives. Tom is a customer service specialist and a true entrepreneur, having built a variety of successful businesses from the ground up, including Recreation Excellence, a highly successful recreation services and facility management company in western Canada.