6 Tips To Help You Finally Lose The Weight

1) Grab a Coach or a partner to keep you on track. 

Nothin’ better than somebody there to motivate, or somebody to kick your behind when the going gets tough! We all have days we don’t want to exercise. And sometimes those days turn into 3 weeks and before you know it all your good intentions have died off. Grab a coach, grab a friend, somebody you trust. Somebody who will help you and surround you with good things…not the friend that will say “screw it let’s hit the bar!” Do you ever tell your kids “you are who you hang out with”?

2) You were not meant to do this on your own! 

You already have 20+ jobs as head of the household (yup, we are head of the household no matter how much the hubs tries to take credit). So grab a workout from somebody who knows. That is a lot less research you have to do. And it is a heck of a lot more convenient! Perhaps it is the main reason exercise DVDs are so popular: convenient and easy to follow.

3) Food journal for 3 days to pinpoint your bad habits. 

Just 3 days. No dieting, just 3 days to see how many calories you consume. See what your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR, otherwise known as your metabolism at rest) here. If your calories in (food) > calories out (BMR + exercise) = tough time losing weight.

4) Calendar your workouts, just like you would put anything else in your calendar. 

They are a lot harder to skip when they are right there! 

5) No more guilt and no more shame. 

Sure you ruined your good day of eating by 1:00 with the Sonic Blast you saw on a TV commercial or that lunch you only meant to eat half. Or on Day 3 of your new Exercise Routine you didn’t have time. Routine is anything but routine as a mom. So drop the shame and move on. Tomorrow is a new day. That being said, you might need to refer 1-4 if this happens to you everyday!

6) Be the Mom & Role Model you want to be. 

We are not just taking care of ourselves, we are raising educated, compassionate, kind, loving lil’ human beings. Maybe you watched your mom yo-yo diet? Maybe you are moody because your clothes are too tight? Maybe you cannot ride the roller coaster with your 8 year old? Maybe you are embarrassed? Maybe you want your husband to look at you like he did 10 years ago? Children are blank canvases: teach them good stuff so they don’t have to break 20 years of bad habits when they turn 20. Be a good role model in every way; in the way you treat others, in the way you treat your body and in the way you treat your spouse.

As seen on TV, Moms Into Fitness® creator Lindsay Brin, C.P.T. & B.S.E. Exercise Science, is a pre/post-natal fitness expert, international author and co-founder of Mommy Coach. She has starred in and choreographed 43 fitness DVDs designed for moms, based on her research with Major Universities. Brin’s programs are used to certify other fitness professionals. And her expertise can been found in Fit Pregnancy and Mom and Baby Magazines as well as on Target shelves.