Just like living the best version of yourself requires support from friends and family, this website and community couldn’t exist without a team dedicated to fostering its growth and success.
— Tom Watson

Our founder, Tom Watson, believes that a key to productive teamwork and the best road to Your Better Life is to champion personal development, which is why he has brought together a group of individuals who all provide a unique perspective and level of expertise to the community.

We’re here to make sure your journey with Your Better Life is a smooth, positive experience. From site maintenance to our own participation in topic discussions, we are all 100% invested in creating a Dash that matters – for you and for ourselves. Our mission is to support you in developing your very best self. Consider Tom Watson and the YBL gang as your devoted teammates in personal growth and wellness.

We invite you to explore our interactive website where you will find expert advice from Tom Watson and various lifestyle experts on how to be happy, healthy and financially stable.

Meet the Your Better Life team below and feel free to drop us a line with any questions or comments. You’ll see our names and faces throughout the community, so make sure to say hi!


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